Research priorities

Research priorities



The exceptional character of the studies conducted by Mossakowski Medical Research Centre Polish Academy of Sciences results from its unique departmental structure combining basic research with clinical practice. The research area focuses on key experimental medicine problems, solvable at the level of basic body functions and pathologies. However, numerous research programs concentrate on clinical problems and a great number of investigated issues exceed medical practice being therefore analysed by means of experimental models.

Our Center’s research priorities include the following research directions:

Priority 1. Clinical and morphological analysis and experimental studies on the nervous system pathologies: analysis of risk factors and mechanisms of the central nervous system dysfunction in selected pathologies leading to neuronal damage and potential pharmacological neuro- and vasculoprotection.

Priority 2: Clinical and morphological analysis and experimental studies on tissue and peripheral organs pathology.

Priority 3: Translational research. Experimental therapy for central nervous system damage with the use of human mesenchymal stem cells isolated from bone marrow, adipose tissue and glial progenitors

Priority 4. The application of multiscale modeling, bioinformatics and information technology in medicine.

Scientific disciplines practised in the Center: Medical biology, Medicine