"ALICE-MED" - Biomedical Cluster


is the coordinator of the newly founded co-operative connection



Co-operative connection "ALICE-MED" (Advanced Laboratoriers In Centre of Excellence) is a biomedical cluster established to exploit intellectual capital accumulated in R&D units, universities, business environment institutions and enterprises in order to stimulate technology transfer, create and absorb innovations.


The purpose of the created cooperation link is the implementation of joint research, developmental and commercial projects, supporting entrepreneurship and innovation in the field of medical and biomedical sciences, as well as creating conditions for efficient commercialization of universities' and R&D units' research results.


The created cooperation link will promote collaboration between enterprises, as well as between enterprises and business environment institutions and R&D units.


DocThe purpose of the created cooperation link is to exploit research results. The project enables changing the way of providing and increasing scope of services offered to entities that remain in the cooperation link. It will lead to strengthening their competitive position.

Participation in the cooperation link will enable the participants to initiate and coordinate activities aimed to creating and strengthening of favourable conditions for institution's existence and development, as well as firms and organisations operating in the sector of medical and biomedical science.

The realization of the project will enable to promote "the idea of cluster" and to promote The Republic of Poland as a good place for enterprise's establishing, development and implementation of medical and biomedical projects.

The concept of a cluster was defined in 1990 by Michael E. Porter (the Director of Institute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Harvard Business School). Thereby the scientific and business communities were inspired to co-operation. Nowadays clusters and clusters' initiatives gain more and more recognition and interest all over the world.


Participation in cooperation links gives a huge opportunity for contributing entities. The model of internal collaboration is focused on the implementation of strategies that meet the needs of the clients. This the main reason of cluster's attractiveness.

The author of the cluster concept has pointed out that economical cooperation enables single entities to identify the most important aspects of the competition. Especially sectorial links are very attractive. Alice-Med Cluster is a linkage connecting institutions, companies and organisations operating in the sector of medical and biomedical sciences.

Participation in created cooperation link ensures and simplifies the access to the latest knowledge and technology, exchange of experience, diffusion of information and implementing joint research projects.

All planned actions will enhance innovation and competitivness of cooperation link and contributing entities.


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Participating in the project gives a great opportunity for all contributing entities.

We invite and encourage all interested entities to cooperate.

We invite:

  • The enterprises from biomedical sector, willing to operate in the cluster, that is focused on the synergy of operations;

  • R&D units, universities and academies, researching in the field of medical and biomedical sciences, and willing to commercialize research results;

  • Individual or legal person, interested in investing in entities or projects from the sector of biomedical technology;

  • Business environment institutions able to support innovative enterprises operating in the biomedical sector.


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