Farewell to Professor Krystyna Domańska-Janik, MD, PhD

On 24.01.2021, a world-renowned Scientist, Fellow, Mentor and Teacher - devoted to our Institute with her wisdom, profound knowledge and hard work for over 50 years - has passed away.

Professor Krystyna Domańska-Janik completed her studies at the Faculty of Medicine of the Medical University of Warsaw. She combined her medical education with the passion of a researcher and neurobiology became her main field of interest. At the beginning of her work at the Institute (Mossakowski Medical Research Institute, Polish Academy of Sciences), she cooperated with Prof. MirosławMossakowski, who was the supervisor of her PhD thesis. Since the mid 90's she has headed the Laboratory of Molecular Neurobiology within the Department of Neurochemistry. In 2002 she established the NeuroRepair Department, which she headed until 2010. Professor Domanska-Janik’s research is currently being continued within the NeuroRepair Department, and Department of Stem Cell Bioengineering as well as the Translational Platform for Regenerative Medicine. She was the first scientist in Poland to initiate research on stem cells in the context of treatment of central nervous system diseases. Professor Domańska-Janik has strived for the reliability and safety of cell-based therapies, trying to set up a public register and stressing the need for such therapies to be validatedand performed only in hospital referral clinics. To this end, she led the establishment of the CNS Cell-Based Therapy Team as part of the collaboration between the Committee on Neurological Sciences and the Committee on Neurobiology of the Polish Academy of Sciences, both of which she was a long-standing member. She was also a long-standing member of the Scientific Council of the MMRI PAS and the IBB PAS. She directed numerous research projects and received a number of awards for outstanding scientific achievements.

It is hard to believe that she is no longer with us-sadness will remain in our hearts.

We extend our deepest sympathy to Professor Domanska-Janik’s family.


Board of Directors and Staff of the MossakowskiMedical Research Institute of the

Polish Academy of Sciences