Two laureates of NCBR’s call: "Applied research" Program under the Norwegian Financial Mechanisms 2014 – 2021 / POLNOR 2019

We are pleased to inform you that two grant applications from Mossakowski Medical Research Centre's PAS were recommended for funding in POLNOR 2019 Call organized for Polish-Norwegian cooperation in applied research. The winners are Dr hab. Izabela Sabała and Dr Elżbieta Jagielska from the newly established Laboratory of Protein Engineering headed by Dr hab. Izabela Sabała.

 Project no. : NOR/POLNOR/PrevEco/0021/2019,“OneHealth approach to sustainable prevention and treatment of infectious diseases” (PrevEco), Principal Investigator: Dr hab. Izabela Sabała

Project no. : NOR/POLNOR/SafeFoodCtrl/0034/2019, “Sustainable and safe food production by novel control strategies of bacteria in the food chain” (SafeFoodCtrl) Principal Investigator: Dr Elżbieta Jagielska