Mossakowski Medical Research Institute Polish Academy of Sciences (MMRI PAS) is the largest Institute of the Division of Medical Sciences PAS as well as being the only PAS Institute that conducts research both in medical biology and clinical medicine. Pursuant to the Resolution of Polish Academy of Sciences MMRI PAS was established on July 1, 1967 (originally as Mossakowski Medical Research Centre PAS). The Institute conducts basic and clinical research in: physiology, neurobiology, oncology, nephrology, pharmacology, gerontology, medical chemistry and cell biology. Parametric evaluation of scientific entities in 2013-2016 ranked the Institute as 'A' category research centre.


                                  IMDiK in numbers        
     55  31  5 84   32  
     years of activity  research unit service laboratories   projects in progress patents   
     265 152 26 40  40   
     employees researchers  professors  assistant professors  PhD students  

 The research excellence of MMRI PAS is proven i.a. by its membership in the renowned scientific consortia including:

  • „Infrastruktura Obrazowania Biologicznego i Biomedycznego – BioImaging Poland (BIPol)” - Biological and Biomedical Imaging Infrastructure – BioImaging Poland (BIPol) consortium entered on Polish Roadmap for Research Infrastructure by decision DIR/PMIB/2020/143 of 2nd July 2020
  • Biocentrum Ochota Consortium
  • „Centrum Zaawansowanych Technologii w zakresie Biomedycyny, Biotechnologii i Informatyki Stosowanej (CZT BIM) - Center for Advanced Technologies in Biomedicine, Biotechnology and Applied Computer Science
  • „Centrum Badań Przedklinicznych i Technologii (CEPT)” - Preclinical Trial and Technology Centre

In 2012 MMRI PAS acquired the status of the Leading National Research Centre (KNOW), and in 2017 it obtained the right to use a prestigious sign of HR Excellence in Research. Such awards obligate our Institute to constant improvement in the policy of human resources in compliance with the European Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct thereby ensuring a transparent and fair researcher recruitment process, stability of employment and possibilities of professional development. 

In 2014 the European Commission awarded Erasmus Charter for Higher Education for MMRI PAS. Since 2018 the Institute has been a participant in OCH!Dok project implementation, nationally unique doctoral studies funded under Operational Programme Knowledge, Education, Development (Programu Operacyjnego Wiedza, Edukacja, Rozwój (POWER).

The Institute also includes the Animal House where laboratory rodents (mice, rats and Mongolian gerbils) are bred and maintained in Specific-Pathogen-Free conditions. The Animal House is composed of breeding and experimental section plus the laboratory for molecular diagnostics of genetically modified animals. The Animal House provides animal material for biomedical research for both the Institute employees and external researchers. 

The Institute offers doctoral studies and participates as a consortium partner in two Doctoral Schools: Doctoral School of Translational Medicine „Bench to Bedside – B 2 B 4 PhD” and Doctoral School of Information and Biomedical Technology Institutes of PAS (TIB PAN). Currently, 38 young researchers attend the organised education programmes.

In 2017 MMRI received the first award in the competition for the most pro-doctoral Institute of Polish Academy of Sciences: PROPAN.

In partnership with Polish Association of Neuropathologists the Institute publishes "Folia Neuropathologica" scientific journal ( The journal is indexed by Philadelphia Institute.

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